Slendertone is an AB belt that uses an EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulator) to create strong, deep and comfortable contractions in the abdominal muscles. The contractions were designed to mimic the body’s natural movement towards regular fitness workouts such as crunches and sit ups. This AB belt is a unique three pad placement that ensures that all abdominal muscles are targeted during use. The contractions work to stimulate the muscles. This causes the muscles to tone and strengthen without the user having to do any other type of physical workout unless they just want to.


Editors Note: Slendertone also makes a device called The FlexBelt which is our top pick for EMS belts. Check out our video on how to combine The FlexBelt with the proper diet plan to get maximum results with your abs. Learn about these techniques right now!


With conventional exercises, working every muscle in the abdominal area can be difficult. With the Slendertone, users are guaranteed to get a great workout from the inside out. This belt works the abdominals (abs), obliques (which is what shapes the waist) and the transverses abdominals. It’s highly innovative and patented technology has been used for many years in medical facilities and in physical therapy offices to help strengthen muscles. Now that this device has been made available to the public, people are finding that they no longer have to surrender to extensive and tiresome workouts.


With every workout comes a nutritional plan. A healthy diet should always be factored into your success. The Slendertone will work to give you the abdominal area that you have always wanted, but a workout plan is still needed to achieve maximum all over body results. This particular AB belt is also made for people who suffer from being overweight. The effects are the same.


Slendertone provides products that improve muscle tone and body shape for just about anyone. This toning belt was the first of its kind to be cleared for sale by the FDA. Like other toning belts, the Slendertone was designed to help people achieve abdominal success. This AB belt can be used anywhere, at any time of the day or night. It works conveniently around your schedule.


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