Contour Abs


The Contour Abs is an electronic stimulating belt that was designed to strengthen and tone Abs. Like other AB belts, the Contour works to deliver a series of electrical impulses that cause the muscles in the abdomen to contract. The contractions are what help to strengthen and tone the muscles. Consistency is a must when using this belt. Users will not receive the full effects of the workout, if they don’t use it on a regular basis. The design idea of this belt was to mimic sit ups and abdominal crunches. These physical activities can be overwhelming and sometimes painful, but with the Contour, you will get painless muscle contractions that will give you the same effects without the soreness and physical workout.

Editor Note:
Before you go further you need to see this video on how these two powerful and effective techniques can help you get the abs you are looking for. Many products make promises, but the ab muscles have to be built up and the fat around them have to decrease. This video gives you a two step solution.


The Contour Abs comes fully equipped with gel pads, a diet and exercise guide, a travel backpack and a one year warranty. The Contour also promotes its own e3 plan. This plan simply tells its users to eat sensibly, exercise regularly and eStim which shows customers the abbreviation that denotes using the Contour Abs belt. This belt is very easy and convenient to use. Like the Flex Belt and other abdominal strengthening belts, it can be worn anywhere at any time of the day. Most users find it convenient to use when they are busy cooking, working, playing with kids and even shopping. This safe and effective device is a bit older than other abdominal toning belts on the market and isn’t sold as much, but users who have purchased it in the past still find it very useful.


The Contour Abs is FDA cleared as well. It works well with a regular diet and exercise program. It was not designed to completely take over your workout. You will still need to exercise and eat right. Rest assured that the effects are rewarding. Once you put it on, you will find that the contractions to the muscles are more relaxing than anything. You will receive a great abdominal workout. Using the belt at least 30 minutes a day will give you better results.


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