Do Ab Belts Really Work?


With so many ab belt types and styles available how do you know which one will help you get your desired abs? After much reading and comparing of all the different ab belts out there I think we’ve finally figured out which one is the best. But first lets talk about the different kinds of ab belts there is to choose from. We compared everything from the el cheapo belts to high dollar belts and there’s even the medical grade belts. Here’s the belts we found:


EMS belts are probably, in our opinion, the best type of abbelt available. EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. The way it works is it sends electronic pulses to your muscles causing your muscles to contract and relax. This basically replicates what the muscles are doing when you are doing sit-ups. One reason we like the EMS belts so much is because we get the same ab workout as if we had been doing crunches. The beauty of this is that you can be watching TV, surfing on the internet or even going for a walk. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you can still work those abs without having to go to the gym. The best part is some of these belts, like The FlexBelt have even been FDA cleared.


Editors Note:
To get those ripped abs, you see on TV and magazines, you need to use a combination of diet and exercise. We’ve found the easiest path to achieve this and we made a video presentation to explain how it works. Click here now to see the video presentation.


Sauna Belts are simply like the name implies. They get hot! You put these around your waist and they try to sweat the fat off, which is in our opinion a scam, because it has never been scientifically proven that sweating in one area will actually make you lose fat there. Further, we couldn’t find any of these types of ab belts that had been FDA cleared.


Vibrating belts try to vibrate the fat off and strengthen the muscles underneath. These belts never seem to be around very long. They are probably more likely to strengthen muscles than the sauna belts, but they seem to be just another marketing ploy to make some guy rich. Much like the Sauna ab belts the the vibrating ab belts have not been cleared by the FDA and have no clinical evidence to back up their claims.


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But What About the Fat?

Ab belts like The FlexBelt only workout the muscles. So, you need to combine weight loss and muscle stimulation if you want to get the six pack abs you so greatly desire. That’s why we put together a 2-step system where you use The FlexBelt to strengthen and tone your abs and a totally awesome diet program to get the fat off.


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